In Loving Memory of Henry (Hank)

Henry (Hank)





This tribute is dedicated to my one true love, Hank. You were so many things, to so many people. The world was a brighter place while you were in it. Your magnificent smile and energetic personality could take over a room. I sure hope you’re still dancing. What a gift I have been given, to have loved and to have been loved by you.

Grief is normal and a natural part of life but it’s also unfair… grief is a testament to those we love and miss every single day. I try to carry those memories with me as I go on through life… often with a knot in my throat at the surface of every breathe I take. It is true what they say, when we experience such a deep loss, a piece of us goes with them, a piece that we never get back. I know without a doubt that Hank is with me every day and that I will see him again but I still wish with every ounce of my being that he was still here with me today on this journey called life. It is not the same without him.

Love really is all that matters because everyone comes into this world with nothing other than love and also leaves with nothing other than love. Everything else stays here. So just love… love those that really love you. Love, as if there was nothing more important in your life.

“Remembering you is easy,

I do it every day,

But missing you is heartache

that never goes away.”

All my love-


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