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Meet Julie

"I miss the sound of your voice, the stories you told, the ring of your laugh, and your presence that glowed. I miss you still and know that you'd be proud of the work we're doing in your memory."

Julie's brother, Charles Brignall

Founder, Charles Brignall shares 10 things he wishes to tell his sister, Julie

The Twins.

I wish I was able to watch you raise Lucie and Lillie. You would have been an extraordinary mother, as you were an extraordinary wife, daughter, friend and sister. Love and miss you and will honor you through the J&J Foundation.

The J&J Foundation.

I consider it a love letter to you. Roni and I are going to help people in your and her son Justin’s honor.


You would have loved him and the wedding. You have similar gentle souls.

Holy Covenant MCC.

After you were gone, I started to go to church to have quiet time to think of you. Met exceptional people, including Rev Danny who officiated when I married…

Out of the darkness walk.

I did this in your honor, 7 times withmany different people over the years. It is a great time of reflection and connectivity.


You’re not going to believe it, but my husband turned me into a dog person. Parker is the best.

Orange Theory.

Your competitive spin instructor side would have loved it.

Mom continuing to be a badass.

She’s back to picking up men at bars again.

The Boulder Junction Running Club.

I’ve become a massive fan of that yearly trip and drag as many of the Potts family (who are amazing and individual) to run around the lake.


You would have memorized every word and we would have sung it in our off-key way on bike rides.

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