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Meet Justin

"In an instant, on February 18, 2022 , my world was shattered as I lost my precious son Justin at the age of 24 to the illness of addiction."

Justin's Mom, Roni Lowery

Justin was my heart and soul.

He was my world.

He was my everything.

The enormity of this loss has forever changed my life, and on some days I find myself questioning how I will find the strength to survive.

We are not suppose to bury our children.. we are supposed to protect them and keep them safe.

Yet, Justin was so much more than his struggle with addiction. He had a family that loved him dearly, still does and always will. He had many friends, passions, dreams and goals. He just wanted to rise above and be the best version of himself.

Justin fought so hard to fight this awful disease and there were many many times he won. I am so proud of him for those triumphs, along with his many successes, he had in his short life.

Above all, what I am most proud of him for was his kind, loving and genuinely caring heart.

He never passed judgment on others, never uttered a harsh word about anyone and most importantly if someone needed help, Justin was the first to extend a helping hand. This compassion within Justin is what has driven me to start the J&J Foundation. I am determined to carry forward his legacy and make a difference in the lives of others. Helping people was a huge part of who Justin was as a human being. Showing kindness and genuine concern can make a world of difference for someone in need. I am committed to this cause, and I am striving to make an impact, so no family has to endure the excruciating pain of losing a loved one, especially, when there exists a path of help, hope and healing. Justin, you mattered, your life mattered. You are forever loved and will be forever missed❤️❤️❤️

Justin's mom Roni, wrote the following letter

My Sweet Justin….

I hope you knew: how special you were. How beautiful you were. How much fun you were. how you brightened a room. How you blessed our lives. How proud we were of you. How much we enjoyed being with you. How many smiles you gave us. How loved you were. I hope you know: how much we still love you. How much you are missed. How we are trying to keep going. how we think of you always. How your life and death touched so many. How proud we still are of you. I hope you don’t know. how lonely we are without you. How many tears we have cried. How angry we get sometimes. How are hearts are so broken. How sad we are. How this sadness will go on and on. How some things, we’ll never do again. How so many things don’t matter anymore. 

How we’ll never get over losing you.


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