The J&J Foundation is committed to connecting underserved individuals to resources for overcoming addiction, suicidal ideation and other forms of mental illness without judgement.

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The J&J Foundation offers a pathway to help, hope, and healing for those suffering from mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

Through educational initiatives and financial assistance for individuals who cannot afford treatment, we provide opportunities for profound change, growth and empowerment that can lead to a healthy and meaningful life.

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The founders of The J&J Foundation have lost loved ones who were in the prime of their lives.

The underlying causes that led these individuals to take their own lives were related to either substance abuse or mental health disorders.

The J&J Foundation was created to reduce the stigma around mental health and substance abuse disorders, and to help people in need get the support they would otherwise not be able to receive.

The J&J Foundation will help prevent loss of life by raising awareness, reducing barriers to connection, and providing pathways to wellness for those with substance abuse and/or mental health disorders.

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Preventing Suicide

Suicide can touch anyone, anywhere, and at any time. But it is not inevitable. There is hope.

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